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The program covers certain ranges of motion and the science behind it that the human body is supposed to be able to do that the medical, athletic or therapy worlds just have not figured out yet. This fact creates an entirely new set of paradigms on how to train the body most efficiently. There are 50 detailed rules and 18 criteria that go along with the 24 ranges of motion. You will learn why to stretch, how to stretch, when to stretch, how long to stretch for, and the proper way to stretch to increase flexibility/mobility and live a pain and injury free life. Additionally, you will learn the difference between the building phase and the maintenance phase, what MuscleLock is, why we have it, and how you can get rid of it in order to be pain free. Also, you will learn how age, genetics, and injury effect range of motion, and how all these criteria are integrated into your lifestyle and ongoing training program. Joe educates on why we have certain pains (both positive and negative) and how we can eliminate those pains and prevent further injury. During the seminar, instructors will actually work on your body and how to use props such as lacrosse balls, etc. as you practice these 24 ranges of motion with 3+ hours of stretching per day, for 3 days.This seminar will change your physiology for the better. Most attendees say it is “life-changing".

Cost: $2000 ($1150 plus seminar $850 Prerequisite)

101, Certified Physio/Kinesiologist, CPK, is to teach you the basics of working on other people. Learn how to direct others in an exact stretching protocol with progressive steps. You will also learn, with 10 hours of practice, how to work trigger point and tension release for faster progress and recovery. When in San Diego, you would work on each other and Navy SEALs.

Cost: $3000 (prerequisite Level 101)

102 CPK Advanced level, is more advanced work on each other and explanations of how to work on or eliminate dozens of difficult conditions like bulging discs, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, torn rotator cuff, knee issues, neck issues, hip issues, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, and many more.

Cost: $3000 (prerequisite Level 102)

103 CPKE, Expert level, is Integration of this training into athletics and lifestyles. Our methods work for virtually every musculoskeletal condition but people have to learn how to train properly and when and how to use these practices in their lifestyles. Learn things like sitting in a chair properly, how to help other athletes train correctly and not keep re injuring themselves. You would also learn how to set up training programs properly integrating aerobic and anaerobic training, recovery days, wearing a belt and how flexibility fits into a proper four part warm up, all workouts, and lifestyles on a daily basis. You would also be taught some of the mental techniques, for example, how to meditate and control your metabolism and eliminate colds, sickness, or flu, literally, in under one hour.

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Learn the flexibility routine that eliminates virtually all pain and injuries.

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Learn the UHP ROM 24 flexibility routine that is taught to the U.S. Navy SEALs.