Tight muscles, tendons, and ligaments!!! Unbeknownst to most of the medical world, many of the biggest pain causes and lack of mobility issues like bone on bone knee joints, herniated or bulging discs, pinches nerves, headaches, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, low back pain, planter fasciitis, calcium deposits, torn labrums, torn rotator cuff, torn ligaments, and unknown sources of pain and a condition defined by the medical world called CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) are all caused most of the time by tight muscles. So many people laugh when they say they are just tight and can’t do anything about it. I vehemently disagree. I have hundreds of clients that have opened up their ranges of motion by using our perfected flexibility routine called UHP ROM24™ Flexibility/Mobility Standards (24 Ranges of Motion). Their pain disappears. There are many ways to stretching using Yoga and dynamic stretches and other routines that are non specific, but UHP ROM24™ Flexibility/Mobility Standards (24 Ranges of Motion) is the only one that is practical and thorough enough to reverse virtually all of these conditions because it is very specific to each vulnerable area of the body.


With all due respect to the Dr.’s in the Western world, of which there are many very smart and well trained ones, we state the following. Many of the best ones agree that medicine and surgery should absolutely be the last resort. If your Dr. does not agree with this paradigm, go see another one. Medicine and surgery are not alternative methods of relieving musculoskeletal issues; they should be recognized as the absolute last resort protocols for severe conditions!


UHP ROM24™ Flexibility/Mobility Standards (24 Ranges of Motion)! This stretching routine was developed and refined over a 30 year period by Mr. Hippensteel who competed in the toughest sport on the planet, the Decathlon in Track and Field. For those of you who don’t know the Decathlon, here are the demands this sport creates on the body. The event is spread over 2 full days with competition in the 100 Meters, Long Jump, Shot Put, High Jump, and the 400 Meters on the first day. The second day has the 110 Meter High Hurdles, Discus, Pole Vault, Javelin, and ends with the 1500 Meters (the metric mile). Decathletes are notoriously injured in many places at the same time because of the rigorous demands of all the training for technique, speed, explosive power, endurance, flexibility, and weight lifting that are required in training to compete at high levels. Mr. Hippensteel has developed the most practical and thorough flexibility routine for the human musculoskeletal system, UHP ROM24™ Flexibility/Mobility Standards (24 Ranges of Motion). It is very specific to each of the vulnerable areas of the body and keeps you in the “safe zone” ™ for functional ranges of motion.


Man’s search for the Fountain of Youth has been around as long as man has been alive. There really is a F.O.Y. which can maximize the performance of the body and mind for as long as an individual is willing to adhere to the three-part program that involved a combination of flexibility, nutrition, and meditation.

UHP ROM24™ Flexibility/Mobility Standards (24 Ranges of Motion) is the flexibility routine as stated above. Proper ranges of motion keep you out of the “Danger Zone” and allows the body to move freely with no inhibitions or impingements virtually eliminating all pain that is experienced by almost everyone as ageing progresses.

Secondly, the best medicine and health supplements anyone can ever consume are…food. The benefit of understanding and utilizing the proper choices and combinations of food absolutely create the biochemistry that allows ongoing youthful health and diminishes the breakdown of cell integrity.

Thirdly, understanding how to control the speed of metabolism of the body through mediation and planned mental programming (see P.H.D. Mental Programming below), and creating and inducing positive physiological response by releasing endorphins and healing chemistry at will, allows an individual to control stress and harmful negative influences in everyday life. You can remain young physically and mentally all your life.


The priority, first and foremost, in helping an individual eliminate pain and injury is to accurately diagnose or recognize a severe condition. Mr. Hippensteel has developed an elite expertise in this critical area. Inaccuracies lead to months or years of frustration and pain and can cut activities or careers short unnecessarily. It is estimated that over 60% of athletes retire or quit because of ongoing pain and injury.

Mr. Hippensteel's high percentage of successes comes from his thorough understanding of the physiology and kinesiology of the musculoskeletal system. He has devoted his career, in education and training in athletics, to understanding the causes of medical conditions such as "strains, muscle pulls, tears, soreness's, pinched nerves, tendonitis, bursitis, fasciitis, spasms, hypermyotonia", etc. See list below.

The second priority in Pain Injury Elimination is to formulate a streamlined and fastest possible course of action to provide relief and elimination of the condition, once accurately identified. Mr. Hippensteel has developed new standards, protocols, and techniques described herein, that have created a revolution in Pain Injury Elimination, rehab, and advanced training methods. He has helped hundreds of clients find relief, avoid surgery and improve performances in difficult cases that seemed impossible to even the most advanced professionals in the medical and athletic training world. His HIPP 86™ Method of Tension Release, and UHP ROM 24™ Flexibility/Mobility Standards (24 Ranges of Motion) techniques are the most advanced elimination techniques in the world.

The third priority and vitally integral part of Mr. Hippensteel's UHP program is to educate and train the client to be responsible for his/her ongoing maintenance and preventative plan and regimen to ensure optimal health and performance. Learning to train the body with the "Correct Training Paradigms" (C.T.P.) vastly reduces the chances of new or old injuries or pain returning.

If you adhere 100% to the principles of the UHP program outlined by Joe Hippensteel, the following can be eliminated 90+% of the time and WITHOUT MEDICAL INTERVENTIONS SUCH AS DRUGS, INJECTIONS, OR SURGERY!

Pulled/Strained Muscles
Muscle Spasms/Cramps
Partially Torn Muscles
Bulging/Herniated Discs
Lower Back Injuries
Neck Injuries
Ligament Injuries
Cartilage Injuries
Tennis Elbow
Pinched Nerves
Plantar Fasciitis
Bone Spurs
Pitcher’s elbow
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Tendonitis / any
Carpal Tunnel
Sports Hernia
Ulnar Neuritis
Pelvic Floor Issues
Piriformis Syndrome
Patellar tendonitis
Compartment Syndrome
Restless Leg Syndrome
Unknown Sources of Pain



A combination of mental techniques developed by Mr. Hippensteel that combines the most important features of Creative Visualization, Meditation, NLP and Hypnosis. Moving forward in life to reach goals usually requires expanding and growing one's habits and paradigms. To accomplish these mental shifts, one must grow his/her consciousness toward the intended goal whether it is to visualize perfection in higher performance or define and get excited about the reasons one wants to lose weight. The mind is the strongest tool we possess and if programmed effectively can accomplish any goal.


*The entire course will be covered in the HIPP Seminars or Certification Training.