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What is UHP

“When we walk away from a busy day with our clients, working with Navy SEALs, elite athletes, or private clients, we look at each other and we know their lives have changed today.”

- Joe Hippensteel, Founder of Ultimate Human Performance

“The Navy SEALs brought an expert in stretching and advanced physical and mental training methods to our base in 2010. I learned his methodology and I did it for weeks, then months, then years. I am still doing it today. Joe Hippensteel, thanks for showing me the proper way to stretch. It's truly changed my life.”

- David Goggins, Best-selling Author of Can’t Hurt Me


Now is your chance to learn the advanced UHP techniques taught by Joe Hippensteel in the comfort of your own home. The bundle has over 5 hours of detailed techniques of the real SCIENCE of Flexibility, which includes:

UHP1: The Science Of Flexibility
UHP2: Advanced Ranges of Motion (ROMs)
UHP3: Supplemental Techniques

You will get instructions on each of the UHP ROM 24™ positions from UHP professionals as well as being able to participate in a virtual workshop with 7 other people onscreen. Then you will learn the techniques that will increase the progress of your journey to optimal health, using Joe's recommendations on props, Hipp 86 Trigger Point™, and various other UHP Tricks of the Trade.

The Bundle is thorough, detailed and comprehensive in helping you discover the sources of your pain or injury. Once identified, you will learn the path to overcome these limitations and propel yourself forward to Ultimate Human Performance. Welcome to the UHP experience.

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About UHP

Joe Hippensteel

Joe Hippensteel, a Master in Physio-Kinesiology, focuses on Ultimate Human Performance (UHP) at the highest levels. He spent many years training for the Decathlon at a national level. Due to his size (or lack thereof), and lack of God given talent, his accomplishments were developed through extremely hard work and creative, extremely advanced methods of training over a 30 year period. The Decathlon (10 events in Track and Field contested over 2 days) is considered one of the most grueling of all sports and because of the diversity of skills needed, is extremely difficult to train for.

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Mimi Ney

Mimi has been doing injury prevention/rehab methods for over 25 years. She graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage in August of 1989 and started working in health clubs and chiropractic offices in Atlanta, GA. Mimi then opened and operated her own massage therapy practice in Atlanta for 9 years, where she developed and managed a diverse client base…

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