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Our methods have helped change the lives of over  10.000 clients in 57 countries,
from Elite Military, Pro Athletes or anyone with pain or injury.


“Life Changing, Miraculous, So Logical”,
Quotes from our clients: Navy SEALs, Pro Athletes and private clients who have tried everything else without results.

Joe Hippensteel, Founder of Ultimate Human Performance.

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Endorsed by David Goggins

“The Navy SEALs brought an expert in stretching and advanced physical and mental training methods to our base in 2010. I learned his methodology and I did it for weeks, then months, then years. I am still doing it today. Joe Hippensteel, thanks for showing me the proper way to stretch. It's truly changed my life.”

Dwight Freeney, NFL All-Star

"Joe Hippensteel has been AMAZING for my football career. After a devastating quad tendon tear at 34 years old, I didn’t know if I’d ever play again. Doing the UHP program made me feel 5 years younger and cleared up the tendonitis I battled for over a decade in less than a month."

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Video Courses

Discover all the UHP techniques taught by Joe Hippensteel in the comfort of your own home. We have individual videos and bundles, up to 5 hours, teaching the Fundamentals through advanced techniques to eliminate pain and injury and increase daily performance.

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1 on 1 Sessions

Joe and Mimi are available for live or online sessions to assess the root cause of your pain or injury. They will teach you the exact protocol to release the tension and eliminate your issues and increase performance.

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Our seminars cover the root causes of pain and injury. We teach the Ranges of Motion that the human body is supposed to do that the medical, athletic and therapy worlds have not figured out yet. Our protocol eliminates pain and injury and increases performance.

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Our Online Video Courses...

Level 1 - UHP Fundamentals

Discover 30+ teaching points to achieve the "6 basic building blocks" (4 lower and 2 upper body) level of flexibility required for pain and injury elimination.

You will release tension, open up your muscles, create healthy joints and know exactly what to do when you feel tension, pain, or discomfort in your body.

Level 2 - UHP Intermediate

Discover 60+ teaching points for the body’s complete 24 Ranges of Motion, 6 basic building blocks and 18 advanced ranges for the complete process of pain and injury elimination.

This knowledge will benefit your health for a lifetime by incorporating a world class scientific flexibility routine into your lifestyle.

Level 3 - UHP Advanced

Discover 80+ teaching points, 24 Ranges and 60+ rules and protocols to meet all the UHP standards.

You will be drawn into the intrigue and intensity of the physiological and anatomical changes your body will go through as you complete this level.

Level 4 - UHP Super Advanced

Everything inside the fundamentals, intermediate and advanced bundles.

The super advanced bundle now for the first time adds Joe's Advanced Training Mastery video and PHD mental video to allow you to perform at a level you never thought possible; to integrate every aspect of your lifestyle and athletics into your daily routine that enables pain and injury free living while performing beyond your genetic potential.

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Seminars and Certifications

Successfully completed events in 11 cities in
North America & Europe

Our seminars cover the root causes of pain and injury. We teach the Ranges of Motion that the human body is supposed to do that the medical, athletic and therapy worlds have not figured out yet. Our protocol eliminates pain and injury.

Learn an exact progression of not only what to stretch, but when to stretch, what order to stretch in, how long to stretch, the building phase vs the maintenance phase, and 13 other criteria that make up our UHP stretching methods.

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Joe Hippensteel, a Master in Physio-Kinesiology, focuses on Ultimate Human Performance (UHP) at the highest levels. He spent many years training for the Decathlon at a national level. Due to his size (or lack thereof), and lack of God given talent, his accomplishments were developed through extremely hard work and creative, extremely advanced methods of training over a 30 year period. The Decathlon (10 events in Track and Field contested over 2 days) is considered one of the most grueling of all sports and because of the diversity of skills needed, is extremely difficult to train for...


Mimi Ney has been doing injury prevention/rehab methods for over 25 years. She graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage in August of 1989 and started working in health clubs and chiropractic offices in Atlanta, GA. Mimi then opened and operated her own massage therapy practice in Atlanta for 9 years, where she developed and managed a diverse client base. She is certified in Sports Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy and is also trained in Swedish, deep tissue, cross fiber, and extensive anatomy and physiology...


Elite Athletes Who Are Clients

Dwight Freeney

Michael Fulmer

Tom Lehman

NFL Players


Dwight Freeney
Atlanta Falcons

Antonio Gates
San Diego Chargers

Brandon Flowers
San Diego Chargers

Jaleel Adai
San Diego Chargers

Donald Brown
San Diego Chargers

Ricardo Allen
Atlanta Falcons

Chase Daniel
New Orlean Saints

Markus Golden
New York Giants

Cory Liuget
Oakland Raiders

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New York Mets

Michael Fulmer

Robert Gselman

Tyler Pill

Beck Wheeler

Cory Oswalt

Matt Koch

Blake Taylor

Andrew Church

Miller Diaz


Texas Rangers

Kris Benson

Eddie Guardado

Frank Francisco


Other MLB

Barry Zito

Mark Mulder

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Tom Lehman

Luke Donald

Fred Funk

Camilo Villegas


Zac Bogosian

Brian Boucher


Penny Hardaway

Track and Field

Meb Keflezighi

 Steve Scott

Kevin Young

 Bershawn Jackson


Shiela E

 Taylor Dayne

Jason H.

I have not walked for over four years because of a neurological disorder. After only two sessions with Joe, I am walking. Honestly! He is a miracle worker.

B.P., Navy SEAL

I’ve watched 7 Navy SEALs with chronic injuries perform maneuvers and positions that they couldn’t perform only an hour before. I can lift and squat more now because my body isn’t fighting itself. Incredible pain resolution. Watch 55-year-olds regain the flexibility of 18-year-olds.

Don L., Former U.S. Marine

I’m a former US Marine. As an 18-year-old jarhead, I never imagined the pain I’d suffer in my 40’s by not taking better care of my body. I experienced chronic pain cycles for eleven years, but then I met Joe. After just one session, I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Michael Platzer, Tennis Germany

"While looking into alternatives to having shoulder surgery, I found Joe Hippensteel. He fixed my shoulder (torn labrum) in just a few weeks. I went from excruciating pain, to no pain by following his Ultimate Human Performance training methods."


"This program needs to train 50+ providers, be initiated in great lakes, incorporated into BUD/s and become "natural" to SEALs--as an expected baseline."

Brian Young, Tennis Pro

"At age 53, after seven knee surgeries and making the decision to get knee replacement surgery and accepting that I'll never play tennis again, Joe changed my life in 1 week. I play tennis now 4 days / week with no pain or surgery."


"This is the greatest therapy or modality I have found in 5 years of trying to correct my physical issues. I am grateful that UHP exists and is here to help us."


"Preventive maintenance is ideal for any operator and by preventing injury would extend the operator's operational life and save the community a lot of resources and money. Strongly recommend this to anyone."


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