UHP for Beginners Bundle

Bundle price is $299.00

In this bundle, there are two videos. The founders of Ultimate Human Performance (UHP) shed light on the true root causes of most physical pain and injury. Joe and Mimi share the 4 exercises for the lower body and 2 for the upper body of the UHP method which are the basic building blocks to start the process to heal and prevent future injuries. In the second video, “UHP Intermediate - The Science of Flexibility”,  you will learn about the body's complete Ranges of Motion (ROM) and get introduced to the basic building blocks of the complete and essential 24 ROMs.


The beginner video includes demonstrations of the 4 Basic Building Block ROMs of the lower body, and 2 ROMs for the upper body. This video is your starting point to achieving the optimal level of flexibility required to lay the foundation for virtually all movement and activity. Understanding these basic motions and the proper technique will help you start opening up your muscles, create healthy joints, and know what to do when you begin to feel tension, pain, or discomfort in your body. The UHP for Beginners course then leads you into the intermediate 24 ROMs that incorporates a world-class flexibility regimen into any lifestyle, including action steps and protocols for achieving the proper standard, intensity, number of repetitions, and the efficient resting time between the stretches (a total of 18 criteria) necessary for performing at your best every day. This is knowledge that will benefit your health for a lifetime, and best of all, you can do it in the comfort of your own home.