Complete UHP Video Bundle

Bundle price is $599.00

Now is your chance to learn the advanced UHP techniques taught by Joe Hippensteel in the comfort of your own home.  The bundle has over 5 hours of detailed techniques of the real SCIENCE of Flexibility, which includes:

  • UHP Beginner - Fundamentals of the UHP Method
  • UHP Intermediate  - The Science of Flexibility

  • UHP Advanced - Progressive Ranges of Motion Workshop

  • UHP - Supplemental Techniques - Tricks of the Trade

  • 3 Bonus Videos: Bonus Video #1: The New Paradigms, Bonus Video #2: Interview with the Founder, and The Calf Stretching Bonus Video



You will get instructions on each of the UHP ROM 24™ positions from Joe and Mimi as well as being able to participate in a virtual workshop with 7 other people onscreen. Then you will learn the techniques that will increase the progress of your journey to optimal health, using Joe's recommendations on props, Hipp 86 Trigger Point™, and various other UHP Tricks of the Trade.


The Bundle is thorough, detailed and comprehensive in helping you discover the sources of your pain or injury.  Once identified, you will learn the path to overcome these limitations and propel yourself forward to Ultimate Human Performance.   Welcome to the UHP experience.