UHP Advanced - Advanced Ranges of Motion (ROMs) Workshop


Advanced Ranges of Motion. In a 2.5 hour workshop setting with 7 participants, all 24 Ranges of Motion (ROMs) are covered, as well as 50 rules to complete your UHP ROM STANDARDS for muscle and joint neutrality.  This completes the process of Pain and Injury Elimination and continues to help you improve performance in all areas of your lifestyle and athletics. Beginner and Intermediate videos should be completed first.


This workshop setting with multiple participants shows different body types and flexibility levels participating in multiple repetitions, in the proper sequence, attempting to achieve the standards set by UHP. You will be drawn into the intrigue and intensity of the 2+ hours of physiological and anatomical changes your body will go through. You will be amazed at the transformation that happens as you repeat this process day after day. Most participants say this process is "life-changing."

Correction To This Video. Under the "Migraine headache" explanation, when I refer to the "optic nerve" root, it should be "occipital nerve" instead.  Sorry for the misstatement.