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4 Part Workshop Series on Home Therapy

Part 1: Introduction to the UHP Training Method

In part 1, we will show you the missing ingredient to living a life of “Ultimate Human Performance”. This video covers:

  • The Foundations of the UHP Training Method
  • Why flexibility is the key to life-long health
  • How to identify “the danger zone”
  • Why other exercise and training modalities are insufficient practices

Part 2: The 12 Causes of "MuscleLock"

In part 2, we will go deeper into the science of our methodologies and how you can use them right now, at home, to feel better. This video covers:

  • The real reason for muscle pain and tension is "MuscleLock"
  • Multiple examples of why muscles lock up
  • How to eliminate the causes of muscle lock
  • Understanding the UHP standards of flexibility and how to achieve them

Part 3: Using UHP Methods to Avoid Medical Intervention

In part 3, we expand upon why flexibility is the key to "Ultimate Human Performance". This video covers:

  • Understanding the 18 criteria used to devise the UHP ROM 24 flexibility program
  • Investing time in the "building" phase of flexibility to reach the "maintenance" phase to heal physical injuries naturally
  • Using these secrets to feel great every day, regardless of age or lifestyle, and avoid painful or extreme medical intervention

Part 4: Constant and Continuous Progress

In part 4, we discuss achieving constant and continuous progress in the UHP program. This video covers:

  • How UHP ROM 24 (range of motion) Standards create the foundation for constant and continuous progress
  • Understanding true "functional strength and conditioning" and the phases of training to create peak performance
  • Using UHP "Proper Integration" to achieve the highest level of pain and injury free lifestyle and performance
  • The final ingredients explained: Rest, Recovery, Mental, and Nutrition

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What People Are Saying:

I have not walked for over four years because of a neurological disorder. After only two sessions with Joe, I am walking. Honestly! He is a miracle worker.

Jason H.