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Level 4 - UHP Super Advanced

Everything inside the Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced Bundle

  1. 4 Workshops - Root Causes of Pain

  2. 100 + Teaching Points, 6 Fundamental (4 Lower Body, 2 Upper Body) ROMs (Ranges of Motion), Rules and Protocols

  3. Calf, Foot & Achilles 

  4. The UHP “New Paradigms” Charts to Focus Your Efforts on the Correct Training Methods

  5. Bonus video: Interview with Joe Hippensteel
  6. All 24 UHP ROMs for Elite level Body Performance to achieve a Pain and Injury Free Lifestyle
  7. Advanced class, 2.5 hours of all 24 ranges of motion, 7 students demonstrating each position, multiple reps, incredible class.
  8. Supplemental Techniques: Tricks of the trade to speed progress and recovery for gaining perfect Ranges of Motion (ROMs), using a ball, props, correct positions, a cane, HIPP 86 Trigger point techniques, and more.

    Additional Benefits
  9. Advanced Training Mastery: 
    Achieve complete Lifestyle & Athletic Peak Beyond your genetics. 
    Joe’s new July ’22 video is a seminar on advanced training to help you integrate your lifestyle and athletic performance so that once you eliminate your pain and injuries with the UHP ROM 24 methods, they don’t come back. (see full description below)
  10. P.H.D. Mental: A combination of mental techniques developed by Mr. Hippensteel that combines the most important features of Creative Visualization, Meditation, NLP and Hypnosis. Moving forward in life to reach goals usually requires expanding and growing one's habits and paradigms. To accomplish these mental shifts, one must grow his/her consciousness toward the intended goal whether it is to visualize perfection in higher performance or define and get excited about the reasons one wants to lose weight. The mind is the strongest tool we possess and if programmed effectively can accomplish any goal. (see full description below)