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Joe Hippensteel

The Science Of Flexibility. In this video, you will learn about the body's complete Ranges of Motion (ROM) and get introduced to the basic building blocks of the complete and essential 24 ROMs. This outlines th...

Complete UHP Video Bundle

Bundle price is $599.00

Joe Hippensteel

Now is your chance to learn the advanced UHP techniques taught by Joe Hippensteel in the comfort of your own home.  The bundle has over 5 hours of detailed techniques of the real SCIENCE of Flexibility, which includes:


Joe Hippensteel

Advanced Ranges of Motion. In a 2.5 hour workshop setting with 7 participants, all 24 Ranges of Motion (ROMs) are covered, as well as 50 rules to complete your UHP ROM STAND...

Joe Hippensteel

Tricks of the Trade. Supplemental Techniques to speed progress and recovery for gaining perfect Ranges of Motion (ROMs), using a ball, props, correct positions, a cane, HIPP 86 Trigger point techniques, and mor...

Joe Hippensteel

The video includes demonstrations of the 4 Foundational ROMs of the lower body, and as a bonus, now introduces 2 ROMs for the upper body. This video is your starting point to achieving the optimal level of flex...

UHP for Beginners Bundle

Bundle price is $299.00

Joe Hippensteel

In this bundle, there are two videos. The founders of Ultimate Human Performance (UHP) shed light on the true root causes of most physical pain and injury. Joe and Mimi share the 4 exercises for ...

UHP Certification Course

Bundle price is $7,999.00

Joe Hippensteel

Now is your chance to get trained by taking the UHP Certification course and become a Certified Physio/Kinesiologist in the comfort of your own home.  No traveling, no flights or hotels. Lea...